Hoevenaar Art Museum  

Fine Dutch silver repousse pair case verge and fusee antique pocket watch by Hoevenaar, (Hoevenoor) Leyden, circa 1710. Wonderful somewhat worn outer case with smoking people and monkeys! Later white enamel dial (repair at the catch) with arcaded minute chapter, black markings, and fancy gold hands. Cherished watches from this period were often 'modernized' around 1800 with an enamel dial replacing the 'old fashioned' silver or gold ones. The movement with fine large pierced and engraved balance cock with streamers, the foot and regulator plate also pierced and engraved. Large pierced tulip pillars. Diameter 59 mm. Priced $ 6.000
Bron: Stephen Bogoff, Antiquarian Horlogist, Mill Valley, USA

Simon Hoevenaar